Four Week Body Reset Challenge
to Mar 31

Four Week Body Reset Challenge

Join me in a four week body reset challenge during which we will eliminate the main irritating and inflammatory foods. Use this to feel good in your body again and learn the food awareness and intuition that many of us lose sense of.

You will receive grocery lists specific to each week’s “food rules”, a detailed calendar of what is eliminated when, access to an exclusive Facebook group for support and ideas, and weekly check ins with me to see how it’s going and report what you notice and feel within your own body.

To join, please visit the scheduling page and sign up for the Four Week Body Reset. You will select a time for 20 minute phone call to get specific information about the layout of the plan and have a time to ask questions so we can make it individualized to you.

Do you have questions now? Send me a message, I’m happy to help!

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Meal Planning and Prepping Workshop

Join us at the Seattle Athletic Club Downtown for a group session focused on outlining the basics of meal planning and prepping to support your health and fitness goals. Come away from the session with a meal planning template, healthy food lists, portion control information, a recipe booklet, and the top food prepping tips.

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